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-1198 Days to the Aquathlon
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Taunton Deane Francis Clark Triathlon

18th May 2014

Sports Centre
Training Day

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Name Race Sex Cat Club Number Start Time
Sally ToveySprint Entry Non BTF MemberFVeteranN/A0
Sheena WarmanSprint Entry Non BTF MemberFVeteranWest Country Tri0
Joanne WoodSprint Entry Non BTF MemberFVeteranN/A0
Geraldine BroadleySprint Entry Non BTF MemberFVintagevetN/A0
Vanessa Glyn JonesSprint Entry Non BTF MemberFVintagevetN1 Tri Club0
Karl BryantSprint Entry Non BTF MemberMJuniorN/A0
Dan ClarkSprint Entry Non BTF MemberMJuniorN/A0
Rhys ColeSprint Entry Non BTF MemberMJuniorN/A0
Jack PlummerSprint Entry Non BTF MemberMJuniorwest country triathletes0
James SmithSprint Entry Non BTF MemberMJuniorN/A0
Joshua StevensonSprint Entry Non BTF MemberMJuniorN/A0
Jonathan BirdSprint Entry Non BTF MemberMSeniorN/A0
Ben BryantSprint Entry Non BTF MemberMSeniorN/A0
Daniel BurnsSprint Entry Non BTF MemberMSeniorN/A0
James CavanaghSprint Entry Non BTF MemberMSeniorN/A0
Andrew ClarkSprint Entry Non BTF MemberMSeniorN/A0
Julian ColesSprint Entry Non BTF MemberMSeniorMendip Triathlon Club0
Iain CowellSprint Entry Non BTF MemberMSeniorN/A0
Daniel CrookSprint Entry Non BTF MemberMSeniorsomerset rc tri0
Pablo De MiguelSprint Entry Non BTF MemberMSeniorN/A0

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